fischer ProcessSystem



Our mission statement says: "The principle of a lean company helps to avoid waste and increases the added value". Together, we'll prove these principles by actions with the fischer ProcessSystem - the fPS for short. This means: We see all our business processes as a whole, linked by a system of order. We continuously improve the system - and every individual process - to create added value for our customers and for us.

"Every individual has to contribute in order to avoid waste, to increase added value and to fulfil the needs of our customers on a just in time basis - but we will only be successful when we pursue collective targets and rules and when we collectively do our best. We have developed a name for this mission. The entirety of our business processes as well as the organising principle by which the processes are aimed at our goal are called fischer ProcessSystem, fPS for short," says owner and CEO Klaus Fischer.

If one associates the fPS with the German ‘Pferdestärken’ (PS = horsepower or HP), one is not entirely wrong. The fischer ProcessSystem - and its implementation by the entire corporation - empowers the fischer group of companies. As Klaus Fischer says: "Markets, prices and competition, as well as political, social and technological frameworks constantly change. Therefore we may not stand still but we have to develop with the objective of becoming the best worldwide."